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When a new plus-size brand enters the market, it can feel like a big deal. Unfortunately, size-inclusive brands are few and.

We know firsthand that fashion-forward, plus-size women are attending the same exact events as everyone else, but their own mid-action shots are often missing — a serious problem, if you ask us.

And the fashion world has started to get in alignment with reality, from the runway and magazines pages to store shelves. Although there’s still a lot further to go, the business of plus-size is on.

No need to thank us — just toast a brunch mimosa in our honor when you’re discussing who did what over your avocado toast.

While this is a highlight of my day because I grew up loving all things fashion, I soon realized Tallahassee’s options for.

Model Felicity Hayward cancelled on the British Fashion Awards because. everyone else who was a smaller size, got pick of.

But plus-size women are only now starting to receive some fashion love, as designers and brands are realizing that this market represents an estimated $24 billion opportunity. Mainstream fashion.

But choosing the right clothing box service for you might feel overwhelming, with dozens of options available — particularly.

SELF cover star, the plus-size model and fat positivity activist Tess Holliday, is intentional about the fashion brands she supports. “I choose to wear designers and clothes from people that I like.

In September, the singer launched the autumn/winter line of her Savage X Fenty lingerie range, premiering it with a.

If plus-size fashion is a $17.5 billion industry, why are plus-size consumers still marginalized? The fashion industry takes a lot of blame, and to some extent the blame is fairly placed, but not.

Pushing her six-month-old in a running stroller, Amy enjoyed the temperate fall weather as she walked. Back in 2016, Amy.

Now, after almost two decades of change — thanks to fat activists and influencers who are constantly advocating for the.

The campaign isn’t political, but fashion-based — the reason Brett, 30, is in LA is that he’s one of the most popular new.

As plus-size female models storm the runways, Tevin Evans, 27, has taken it upon himself to help change the landscape for.

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